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Oral Tobacco and Nicotine Products

Oral products span different categories, from conventional snus to innovative all-white oral pouches, as well as medicinal nicotine replacement therapy products – each addressing the preferences of different consumers. The tobacco content or oral products differs, with some containing tobacco, some at lower levels, and others none at all.

Swedish - Style snus

Made of high-quality tobacco and food-grade ingredients, Swedish-style snus is a moist form of oral tobacco, and available in loose form or as prepacked pouches. It is particularly popular in Nordic countries including Sweden and Norway, where there are currently more users of snus than smokers.

Modern white oral products

This is our most recent innovation across oral products – while in colour and offering consumers a satisfying experience with a range of different flavours. Two formulations are available: one containing lower levels of tobacco, and one that contains nicotine but no tobacco.

Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT)

Subject to medicines regulation, these products contain nicotine, but no tobacco. Our Zonnic range of NRT products consists of nicotine-containing lozenges, nasal spray and pouches. Zonnic is currently being sold in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

The Swedish Experience

There is substantial evidence that using snus exclusively has significantly reduced risk compared to smoking* and experts often speak of the ‘Swedish Experience’ in the context of successful harm reduction.

In Sweden in the 1970s and 1980s, there was a gradual shift from cigarette smoking to snus use, particularly among Swedish men, with a reduction in smoking-related disease rates seen decades later.

Today, Sweden’s overall daily consumption of tobacco is close to the daily EU average, but it has by far the lowest rate of smoking in Europe. Sweden also has the lowest rates of tobacco-related diseases. Many authorities have cited the widespread availability of snus as a key factor in Sweden’s move away from cigarettes.

*”Harm Reduction in nicotine addiction: helping people who can’t quit.” - Tobacco Advisory Group of the Royal Collage of Physicians, Royal College of Physicians, 2007.

Product Illustrations: page 8 of the 2018 Harm Reduction Focus Report (ex. Camel, Grizzly & Kodiak)